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Haeng Ohk Kim is a South Korean artist who’s creations are very unique and colorful.

She Comes from a small town on the Southern coast of South Korea called Mockpo.

Haeng Ohk graduated from Mock Po national university and majored in fine art.

She showed her artwork through her first exhibition under the theme of the “first impression”

on 2.28.2018 in Seoul Korea.

Her art work is full of color and light. The colors spout  warmth and harmony and sit down

On our eyes and mind.

The variety of topics and expressions in her work raise our curiosity about her next work.

What stands out with Happy artist Haengohk is that the scope of her work is divided into two themes which are both completely unique.  It makes us think like we are looking at paintings from two different artist.


The first theme, emotional artwork, contains many different events and represent her thoughts and her philosophy

that she feels during her daily life.

It is a pure and healing work that shows life, death, human relationship with nature and love for people.

In her work, flowers, plants, trees, and objects look as if they are as emotional as humans, and is her unique way of expression.

Through this work , the artist talks about the equal coexistence between human and nature.

On the other hand, her work is like a poem that makes us feel emotional with precious thinking and

reminds us of things we forgot for a while living our busy life.

The second theme, reversal or duplex art work, is very interesting and rarely seen because of the complexity in creating it.

These works have completely different feelings often depending on the angle that we look at the piece. Through these pieces of her work, the artist says that the boundary between right and wrong,

the fight of good and evil are all momentary and everything can be changed by people who look at things from a different angle.